Family Health Foundation - Operational Strategies

Operational Strategies

Operational Strategies

The main strategies used in achieving the above objectives are:

Research and policy development

Behavior Change Communication to address sexuality and family life issues, create awareness and change attitudes of our target groups on negative practices affecting their health and development.

Support for treatment, testing and counselling including adherence counselling (for HIV, pregnancy, TB, Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension and other health conditions;

Capacity building- to help women and young people pursue realistic goals, provide them with life and career guidance and employable skills, logistic support for key target groups and stakeholders

Home based care for convalescing and critically ill persons

Advocacy campaigns and dialogues targeting duty bearers to demand accountability to address critical issues of national and International concern

Counselling and Mentorship Programmes for young people, women and other target groups.

Shelters for vulnerable groups like teenage mothers

Monitoring and Evaluation

Documentation, publications, sharing of lessons learnt and best practice.