Our Objectives

Promote family harmony, responsible parenting, fruitful marriages and family life and strengthen the role of the family in fulfilling its God given mandate.

Address vulnerabilities in young boys and girls (gender based violence, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism, school drop outs, streetism, early child marriage, prostitution, lesbianism, homosexualism, etc) and provide them with realistic alternatives, counselling, treatment and support

Support young boys and girls with appropriate career guidance, life skills, economic empowerment, sexuality education, counselling, services, etc; to enable them pursue and achieve realistic goals in life.

Reduce poverty among vulnerable women and their families with appropriate economic and social support.

Address communicable, non-communicable and environmental issues that cause morbidity and mortality among young people and their families- malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, Diabetes, hypertension, sanitation, etc, including treatment, care and support.